My First English Blog Post - Why English?

If you want to improve your skills you must deal for it. Exactly that is why, sometimes you will see my english blog posts.

After the statement...

Now, we can talk about the real title: Why I am learning English?

I can't explain exactly yet but I can tell you a few things.
  • English is most popular language in the world. Almost 1 billion people speak English. (native + second language)
  • At the schools first foreign language is English in Turkey. And if you want a great job after school you need speak English. (I write this 'couse many people learn English in schools almost 10 years but most of them can't speak. And many people only want learn English for job. But this isn't enough. Therefore I don't want a great job. I have a few dreams and I want to realize my dreams.)
  • I want to develop solutions for foreign people. Becouse I want to live wtih a good economy in my country. If I will earn foreign money not just me earn. My country will earn also, I know it.
I think this is enough for why...

For now, my first english blog post is finished. Please write my wrongs and your thinks below. See you next new blog post.

Note: For some sentences I used translate.