About Me in English

about me in english
Picture: Who am I? (from https://pixabay.com/)

Hi, I'm Servet and I was born in 1999. I briefly introduce myself like that; I love writing songs, playing guitar, listening to music, writing blogs, reading books, and developing systems.

I am writing on this blog because I love to learn something new and I love to teach what I have learned so far. And nowadays I write two blog posts every month. So, these blog posts are one of them in Turkish and one of them in English. So, now we are in an English blog post of this month.

The special thing about me is I love to develop something about what I consumed. At least I "try to develop" something that I consumed. If you want to know what it is, I can explain it like that; for example, when I read many fiction books I tried to write a fiction book. Also, this blog is another example. I took a lot of things from the internet and I want to give something to the internet. So, there are lots of things like that...

And another thing about me, I love animals. Especially dogs, cats, and birds. So, we can say animals that surround me.

Yeah, that's me... So, in this post, I don't want to mention my school or anything like that. I think that's all for now.